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Unisun Partners with AgMA

AgMA Partnership Improves Predictability of Fresh Produce Prices

Unisun Software is now partnering with Agricultural Market Analytics (AgMA) to give growers, packers, shippers, and brokers better market pricing information. Unisun is the first fresh produce inventory and accounting software company to use AgMA’s open API (Application Programmers Interface) to enable its ENVIO software users in Colorado to share real-time data on potato sales using a system that aggregates the data to avoid antitrust concerns. AgMA’s goal is to build similar pricing databases for other kinds of fresh produce, and has already begun conversations with the lettuce, tree fruit, and sweet potato markets.

Join the AgMA-Unisun Effort

AgMA Pricing DataGrowers, packers, shippers, and brokers all know the value of good market information. They can see the benefits of the kind of pricing transparency routinely available in other commodity markets, from petroleum futures to pork bellies. Unisun and AgMA believe that it’s time for the same kind of information to available for fresh produce markets.

The best way for everyone involved in fresh produce markets to have access to this kind of information is to participate in AgMA’s data-sharing effort. We encourage you to contact Unisun and talk with us about how you can help create the kind of up-to-date, accurate pricing information that will help everyone in fresh produce optimize their sales operations.

No More Days in the Dark

In addition to providing better market data, Unisun’s partnership with AgMA will protect our customers from the kind of pricing blackouts experienced in October 2013. For more than 90 years, farmers across the U.S. have depended on the USDA to provide current pricing and sales information about everything from pork bellies to soybeans. When the government stopped, as it did in October 2013, buying and selling takes place “in the dark.”

Help Us Build a Better Mousetrap

By using the pricing and volume data found inside participating companies own databases, AgMA believes that not only will the fresh produce industry have a constant supply of information, but that the information itself will be superior. Data collected from “machine to machine” is by its very nature more reliable that data gathered by means of “call surveys.”

“What happens now with government agencies is that they’re not tied into our systems. They simply call sales desks across the nation and ask what people are selling their produce for on a given day. Some people editorialize those numbers: Some people lean high, some lean low. The goal here is to put together a system that aggregates market information in an unbiased way so that people can interpret it on their own.”

Jed Ellithorpe | Operations & IT
Aspen Produce LLC Center, CO.

It’s Easy for ENVIO Users to Participate

The entire fresh produce industry succeeds when growers, packers, shippers, and brokers voluntary share their produce prices with the AgMA system. For ENVIO users, it will be as easy as selecting a checkbox from our software’s configuration window. AgMA ensures that pricing information is accessible only after the prices have been averaged with the prices of other growers, packers, shippers, and brokers. No one participant’s information will be identifiable.

AgMA volume chart

Sample of AgMA Volume Chart Available to AgMA Participants